Monday, 11 June 2012

Twlight Years

The last years of a person's life. Someone in their twilight years is often elderly.
Growing Older. The Golden Years. The Autumn of our Lives. Seniors. Old Age. Twilight Years.
Let's face it, all who are blessed to reach sixty-five and older, know despite the ups and downs, sweet and sour of life, it is still good, a gift from G-d.
And with age comes grey (or silver) hair, aches and pains, some slow down and more time to do the times one enjoys or finally get to do.
Our four legged family members are no exception. They too grow older and become slower. The walk they use to enjoy, you now have to pick them up and carry them to get them to move at all. The dog or cat food they once would knock you over to get to the bowl, now goes untouched. They are up, pacing throughout the house all night. And worse, they hide from your presence.
All of the above is now what we are dealing with Montaque.
We had been seeing the signs for a while; the not wanting to go for his walk. Having to give him fresh pumpkin to kick start his little bowels. For several nights Monti wasn't even sleeping and I had had to take him out to relieve himself 1 or 2 in the morning.
Having been care giver to the Elderly for many years, including my mother, I find many of my old skills kicking in to care for our little guy.
Not having been a dog owner before, it is so hard watching these changes. Sometimes I just hold him and cry. We don't have the money to take him to the Vet, so we pray a lot.
While Mark has been raised with dogs, he has never had an older dog, so this is very hard on him as well. He struggles with accepting Monti doesn't want to play with him anyone.
I am hopeful when things improve we can take Monti to the Vet and find out what Monti needs to get the more of his Twilight Years.
Everything I have read so far says, though Monti doesn't wish to be petted as much, play as much, he still needs to know we love him.
Love. We have plenty of that.
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