Friday, 15 June 2012

Dancing in the Moonlight

Boker Tov:
Well, this is day three without my blood pressure medication.
Not because I have stopped following doctor's orders, but because we don't have the money to buy the pills.
So far, so good. Blood pressure is still good, only one headache.
Little Monti is feeling a little better. The dog food Doctor Smith gave us for Monti seems to be helping. Though Monti only eats a little, the good news is, Monti is eating. But we have to really coach him to do so.
Caring for Monti right now reminds me of my days working in Nursing Homes, having to encourage an dear old man to partake of the food I was trying to feed him. It could take a good ten minutes to an half and hour. Yes, it take much patience and love.
But Monti is worth it.
What is still hard is Monti's not sleeping through the night.
Right now, Monti wakes me up between 1 and 2 in the morning for something to drink and to relief himself.
So I find myself standing outside, looking up into a blanket of ebony as Monti sits in the grass and looks up into the stars.
I wonder; is Monti making a wish?
I have to admit, at first, it bothered me to get up so early to take Monti out. But this morning, as I watched Monti, his little face up, enjoying the cool air blowing upon it, I realised what a precious moment I was enjoying. The air was cool and scented with rose and gardenia. The sky ebony with sparkles of sliver here and there. No traffic sound, no human voices. Just Monti, me and the Creator. The air on my face was the very breath of G-d, touching me, filling me. For a few moments, I danced in the moonlight with the Creator.
It was a holy moment. No wonder Holy men and women rise this early in the morning to pray.
A moment I would have missed if Montaqe didn't have to take a pee.

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