Sunday, 24 June 2012

Small Improvements

Thanks to everyone for their prayers concerning our little Monti. This is day four of his ten days treatment. While the medication has caused some vomiting, we are seeing slow improvements in his health. We did have to take him to the Animal Hospital yesterday because we were concern about his vomiting, but it seems to be the medication.
Monti still needs to get a medical work-up; after all he is 13 years old and like all seniors, he has special health needs. It is our job as his owner to make Montaque's golden years are healthily as well as happy.

I am amazed of how many people who have pets and feel no need to take their dogs or cats to the Vets except for needed shots or flea protection. They feel "it's just an animal" or worse, "Vet hike the prices of pet care and medications to get your money." Pet Co. Pet Supplies and such is good enough.
I can't disagree more. Having a pet is an commitment that includes meeting and caring for its medical needs. I pray for Monti; but just if Mark was ill and needed to see a doctor, I wouldn't just stop at praying, but make sure he got to the doctor. It is the same with Monti.
What is so sweet is now, when Monti hears me praying, he comes over and lays his little head in my lap and closes his eyes.
I think he is praying with me.
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