Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Coffee Might Help

I have awoke to cloudy skies and a heandache.
Actually the headache hit around 3:30 am
It's down quite a bit now.
I believe there are a number of factors: food posioning from chinese food (when you don't eat pork and it served to you unawares, it can have the same affect) the coming storm, the stress of what is going on in terms of Mark and a bad night's sleep.
And I wouldn't be surprised if my pressure was up alittle.
Maybe a cup of coffee is what I need to break this pressure.
And prayer.
Right now my prayers sound like..."O G-d, how am going to get through this? Help me through this. Cut through the red tape and bring him home, please. "
selfness yes. But that's I can dig up right now.
Ah here comes the rain.
That means i can turn off the A/C for awhile.
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