Monday, 21 June 2010

Could This Be The Week?

First; thanks for the prayers concerning my blood pressure. I am feeling better. I do have a slight headache this morning, but I think that's from the weather. I am going to get an icepack.
The Drama Queen. I am happy to report that this matter has been resoluted. There have been some misunderstanding the past few months and things came to a halt yesterday. It is one of the things about this computer age; without a face to see or a voice to hear, it is so easy to misread another's statement. I did this. We have both asked and given forgivness, after talking things out, the relationship has been restored.
And frankly, I am happy; for I have so missed  having this person in my life.

Today, I start on the study which frankly looks like a junk room. Once Mark comes home, the trunks go back into storeage. I also need to start cleaning out closets. These days your taking your life into your own hands when you one of the closets.
That means a call to Good Will.
So off for coffee and getting to work.
And who knows, this just might be the right I hear: "Honey, I'm my way home.....
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