Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Moment By Moment

So today is a new day.
Military payday.
Like right now I really care about the money.....
Last night Mark and I talked. One of the few good things about his being in the states; we can talk more. He didn't wish to stay on long because he could hear how tired I was. He said that the stress was taking its toll and go to sleep.
And I did.
He's right. I have been on an emotional roller-coaster the past several days. And only another military who has gone through the past eight years would understand.
Because since the War on Terrorim began eight years ago, the military has changed greatly. Because this is the longest conflict we as a nation have been involved in, we have more units moving in and out, being deployed back to back, five, six deployments isn't unheard of. More war dead and injuried, more families falling apart. Military programs are being revamped all the time to catch to the increase needs. We the spouses and are being asked to give up far more than ever.
And the "at least he's in the country" doesn't help. Because where Mark is stationed right now, he has an excellant chance of being send back to Iraq or Afghanistan for another year without me not even seeing him.
We the families are the low man on the totem pole and it doesn't do any good to raise our voices. For like our national leaders, their not listening to us.
So we cry, pray and wait, working on Thomas Kindcaid puzzles.
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