Friday, 18 June 2010

One Week Ago

It was one week ago today that my happy world took a nose's dive. Today is has begun that slow climb back up where it belongs.
Earlier this monring I awoke with a headache. Like clock work, I have been waking up @ 3:30 am with a huge headache, so I am seeing the doctor this afternoon. True it could be stress, but when this headache hits, over the counter medications isn't doing the job. Which is why I have to see the doctor. While out I can pickup my Challah for Shabbat.
Not sure what to do, so early in the morning, I decided to look at some pictures;
Today,  five years ago, on an early Sunday morning, already getting hot, Dwayne, who took our wedding pictures, took  us up to Rose Hall, a lovely park in Virginia Beach. It was here we had our engagement pictures taken. I remember that morning well. We had so much fun with Dwayne, knowing we picked the right man for the job. It was his idea for us to wear jeans and Mark the striped shirt. I had a pink shirt that matched, so it worked out well.
I remember noticing Mark's colour was returning from the chemo, that both his hair and his beard were fuller. And he was so playful! We had been so careful in our affection towards each other. Having both been in relationships before and now both truly believers, we didn't wish to do anything that would flame the passions.  I even wore a purity ring. Now I know that it sounds that in  odd that in this day and age, two adults would not....but we chose to keep our courtship honourable. To honour G-d, ourselves and each other. We were also quite aware that there were young people watching us. And while it was hard (lots of cold showers) love can indeed wait.
After the photo session, we went to visit our former church, later having lunch with friends. I remember thinking the next time I would see these folks will be at my wedding...
So as I write this, I am quite happy, remembering one of the happiest times of my life. Yes, he is still gone. But as Mark and I say; "he's out of my arms, but he's in my heart."
So I am planning my day. Cleaning and dusting the bedroom, seeing my doctor afternoon, preparing for Shabbat. And later, pull out the Scrape book I did for our engagement.
Catch ya later....

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