Saturday, 19 June 2010


Today is the first day I have been headache free.
I took the medication (pain) before bed and slept well. No waking up in the middle of the night.
I need to remember to take it before bed this evening.
Still some stomach-bowl stuff, but that too is getting better.
I spoke to Mark this evening. I was telling him how I felt like I'm been whining far too much on the blog. He said (and I'm sure it is true) there are those who are facing their own battles and it is nice to know that there is someone who understands and can relate, even find comfort and encouragement.
Mark knows how to say just the right things.
It was then that I was reminded of the five Psalms books. That many of the Psalms were written during great trials; David running away from king Saul and later his own son. Of pain and lost and betrayal. Of struggles with faith in man and even G-d. Do You see me? Do You hear me? Do you care?
And always coming on the other side Praising G-d.
I realized that if I had no faith, I wouldn't even cry out to Him? Who prays to a G-d they don't believe in?
The Holy One actually invites us to pour our sorrow upon Him. Unlike imperfect men and women who are too  busy with thier own lives or disinterested in yours. Who has not only an listerning ear 24-7, but the whine and the tears don't Him a bit. In fact, the tears are collected in a bottle.
He Who is the Lover of my soul, gives me songs in the night and quiets me with His love.
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