Sunday, 20 June 2010

Drama Queen and Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. A day we celebrated the men in our lives we call Father, dad, papa and even grandfathers. As many of you know, I grew up without a father. My birth dad left my mother and I before I was born, My step-dad, a hurting person, took his pain out on me. But G-d was and is faithful, was and is a Father to the fatherless. He brought several men into my life, men I have the honour to call, dad or papa.
Earlier in the month, on facebook, I wrote a thank you to the man who was my dad. A family memeber called me a "drama queen" because of this. And that Betty and Marty, is how I earned that title.
A title I reject. This was their way of striking out bcause Mark forbids their calling our home and they are blocked on our facebook. We have since taken bigger steps.
So to my fathers:
To Louis Shackeford: I never knew you, but I thank you for my life. There would be no Laini if it wasn't for you.
To Hunter Bernard: we share a loe of C.S Lewis and music. Now in heaven I miss you. My beloved has your amazing blue eyes.
Papa Fred Teague: What can I say? You and Jan have loved me, prayed and supported me, even had a "few questions" for Mark when we were engaged. You who prayed for a husband for me and walked me to the Huppah

To Colonial and Mrs Baldwin: You who are g-d parnets to my Mark, caring for him while he attended WestPoint, helping to shape the man I call my husband.
And of course Dad Reel. How I bless you this day. You who raised such an amazing man.
Most important; The my Heavenly Father; thank you for my life, for loving me, for creating me, for declaring I have a place and a purpose on this earth.

And lastly, to my friend Beth, who lost her father a few months ago. To Beth and all others who's dad is no longer with us: I pray that The Holy One will comfort your heart this day and bring some measure of joy in your memories.
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