Friday, 25 June 2010

A Marriage of Gold

Today I feel as if I have come full circle.
I have gone through the highs and the lows, the anger, rage, tears, yelling at the Army, Mark and G-d. Even myself for being so unreasonable.
I can look back and see where I came out like gold and other places, feet like clay. There were moments one would have been hard press to believe I was a child of G-d and not of the devil.
And yet I have come full circle.
Like a wedding band.
A wedding band goes through a lot to be formed. The gold is firs melted and refine, fired hot to removed that which in impure.
It is then form in a ring, and that ring is not only beaten into shape, and fired. Cooled off. And again fired until the band is form. And the maker can see his/her face reflected back.
G-d does that with each of us, to form us into something beautiful. And for the married couple, the making of the wedding band is what each couple goes through. to become one.
Painful, yes.
But look at the results.
Just like every wedding band cannot stand the pressure of the heat, so not every marriage. But those that do...ah...shine forth like gold.
The G-dly marriage is to reflect the imagine of G-d.
This has been Mark and mine praye since we were engaged.
Through the fire, I feel closer to my beloved.
And my G-d.
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