Thursday, 24 June 2010

To Be Loved

Shalom: As most who follow this blog knows, my Mark is the kind of guy who remembers thoses special days; like today. Today, nine years ago, on a Sunday morning we met. Today, six years ago Mark told me for the first time I was in his heart.
And yesterday, without fail, Mark send roses on my birthday.
It's true I would have recieved roses anyway. But for me, when he is far away, my husband still remembers those special moments and makes the effort to reach out with his love.
With so many marriages under various strains these days, I do not take the love my husband and I share, the love that he showers on me for granted.
Mark has often said when he looks at me, he is aware of how much G-d loves him. For he feels G-d in me. And I feel the same way. Our love draws us not only closer to each other, but to G-d Himself.
After all, Romance was really His idea; it we humans that have muck it up :)
I know, your wondering what I mean by that..... ;)
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