Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Beginning

Boker Tov (good morning):
This morning I awoke a little earlier than usual. Sunshine was softly streaming through the window, touching my cheek. I turned my face and smile, enjoying the rays warming my face. The warmth from the sun was really my Heavenly Father caressing my face, slowly waking me up to embrace a new day.
As I swing my legs over of bed, I have to watch where my feet land. There is a furry little being named Montaque laying right on the spot of the rug where I place my feet.
Mark is already up, making coffee.
Life is good.
Mark and Monti are out for a walk, which I enjoy my almond-joy flavoured coffee and write.
As I stated in an earlier entry, I have found the joy of reading scripture once again. Not for study. Not to teach. Not to share some insight I have for. Just for pure pleasure.
I started at the beginning: Genesis.

B'resheet: In the Beginning.
The first of the Five Books.
Many see B'resheet, the stories of Six Days of Creation, a snake in a garden talking a woman into eating a piece of fruit, the building of an ark, etc, as nothing more than good stories, fables. Carrying no more weigh or value than the tales told the Brothers Grimm or A thousand and One Arabian Nights.
And then, there a folks like myself that hold to the First Book of Torah as being the real history of  Creation's beginning. We believe in the literal Six Days of Creation. We believe in the Garden of Eden, the Tree, the building of the ark, etc. While I have read the Tales of the Brothers Grimm and Abrabian Nights, and there are indeed morals to the fables, they are stories, some based on real life events.
Genesis is real.
One of  the errors made by many believers concerning B'resheet, is the book is often used as Science text book. Many turn to B'resheet to proof that there was a Divine Design to the Universe, that the accounts of G_D  creation everything out of nothing is true. Many feel Creationism should be taught in school as part of the science curricular.
But that misses the point of B'resheet.
" be-re-shit ba-ra E-lo-him..."  In the beginning G_D.....
Just I existed before I began the story I am writing on another blog, G_D exist when He began to Create the Heavens and the Earth. B'resheet is the Book of beginnings. The beginning of Heaven and Earth. And that Elohim was there as it all unfolded.
B'resheet wasn't written to convince people that the story of Creation. The author, Moshe, believed this story. And so did the Children of Israel. The first book is the early history of our people, starting with the Presence of the Divine stepping into the universe He created.
The the Beginning Elohim.

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