Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Bright, Sunny, COLD, Day

Boka Tov:
The sun is out and when Mark came in from his morning run, he announced that it is cold outside, dress warmly.
Since he has to report in this morning, I have to talk to PT, which means I will be slipping on his army PT jacket. It is nice and warm and of course, part of the warmth comes from his wearing it earlier in the morning.
So, as always, as I write this, I am enjoying coffee Mark made, going over my day.
It is not only time to start getting the house ready for Passover, but preparing for Mark's birthday, which is the night before Passover ends. Since his birthday falls in the middle of the week, I will plan his party for the weekend. I am turning over in my mind a few themes:
Cats and Dogs keep coming to mind.
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