Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Pea Souper and A New Task

Boka Tov:
This morning when I walked into the DinningRoom, I thought for a moment I was in the city of London, in the mist of a Pea Soup, better known as a Smog. We get these from time to time.
Goes great with Starbucks.
Yesterday afternoon, I finished the Blog, Love From Iraq. The intend was to add military news and imformation from time to time, keeping it open until we face a new Task.
I just didn't it would be so soon.
Just as I shut down the LapTop, Mark recieved a call; new orders came down this morning and Mark had been tagged once again. He has to go to the Center today and make sure all his paperwork is in order and find out when, where and for how long.
So, a new adventure begins.
When Mark asked me to marry him, he told me our life together would be one long honeymoon and adventure.
He didn't lie.
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