Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I Have A Different Take

Boka Tov:
Well it is one of those stories that just will not die.
Notre Dame and Mr.Obama.
While I am not Catholics, in many ways, including the stance on abortion, I do agree with the moral outrage with Mr.Obama's being invivted.
Now that the invitation has been offered and accepted, Mr. Obama must as President must be given the respect that comes with being the holder of the Offcer.
But my question is; why would the head of Notre Dame make such an offer to a man who clearly does not share the school's of churches views?
As a Catholic School, has Notre Dame abanden the moral and scriptural teachings it was builded upon?
And knowing the firestorm, why would Mr. Obama accept, given he doesn't share the same moral conviction? And why is it, those of us who take a moral stand, try to live our lives according to scripture accurse of being "haters" "gay-basher" and "robbing a woman of her rights."
True, there have been those (and still are) those who try to shove the Bible down everyone's throat and have set themselves up as G-d. But why paint the rest of us with the same board brush?
There are times we must take a moment, take a step back and think about the conqueneses of our actions.
Mark and I chose serve punch at our wedding, the only people who drank wine was Mark and I and that was because it was part of the service. We had several family memebers who at one time had a drinking problem and not wanting to cause an occasion for someone to struggle with staying away from the Bar, the strongest drink was fruit punch. Did we have the right to serve drinks? Yes.
But we chose to take the moral highground. For the sake of peace.
And I believe Mr. Obama should have been advised to do the same.
But then, that's just my opinion.
I know others disagree with me. I just ask you to be nice about it.
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