Sunday, 1 March 2009

Rainy Sunday and Coffee

I know my first post of the day, of the month was a downer.
But spouse abuse is a cause I feel strongly about, because I am a survial.
It isn't something I often talk about: I don't feel the need.
But is a dark place in our nation's soul and with all of the awarness and help we have today, we are still reading about husbands and wives who are slicing the person they claim to love with a razor tonuge, raising their fist and even killing their spouses.
There is no reason why a man or woman should ever have to stay with someone that hurts them, or for an an abuser to remain so. There is help out there for both. There is also healing and hope. Sometimes the marriage can be saved. Sometimes it cannot.
But if my and Rihanna's story can help even one person who reads this post, then what I went through would have been worth it.
I come from a backgroud of child and spouse abuse. And through hard work, support, healing and the love of a good man, I am living proof that one can overcome their past. I am a survour of school bullying: so bad that I quit highschool. Yet, I went back, obtained my GED and went on to have a wonderful nursing career and right now trying to keep my small busniess afloat.
Again, one can rise above their past.
If they so use.
We are having a dear friend over for supper, celebrating his birthday.
So, I need to finish getting the apartment.
So, my dear friends: be safe, be well.
Know you are loved by G-d.
And me :)
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