Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Sun Will Come

I know that it has been awhile since I have written.
It has been busy around here.
Mark had a busy weekend coming up, so we had much to do.
Purim was quiet for us. We stayed home, enjoyed reading the story of Esther and discussing the jewels found in this book.
The theme of Esther; G-d is faithful even when we are faithless.
Until the Messiah comes, there will always be an Hama, Someone who wants to see the Jewish People, People of faith driven into the Sea of Forgetfullness. But G-d always steps in and settles the matter.
That is why we write Haman's name in calk on our shoes, so that when his name is mention, there is great noise and stooping of feet.
And then there are the treats that come.
I never notice this before, but after we tell the story of Esther, treats are served. After bitter trials and battles, there comes the sweet.
I remember the peace that came over Mark's face when he came home from Iraq. Peace.
There is a sweetness after the bitterness.
If we are willing to look for it.
Every storm must end. Winter does fade into Spring. The rain does end and afterwards, a rainbow can be found.
It is a lession I am slowly beginning to learn.
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