Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Yep! It's Chilly

Boka Tov.
Yep! it is chilly out there.
I am cleaning out me desk, taking outside each draw to knock out the dustbunnies and it is chilly.
So under my tee-shirt goes the longjohns.
Reminds me of living in Boston: this is Spring in Boston. I am use to warmer weather by now.
Time for another cup of coffee.
Sounds like a chicken soup night.

A few hours later: well I just came home from PT.
It is 43 outside. And bless G-d the heat is on.
I am making coffee to go with my tylenol.
I am also planning a nap before I prepare supper.
Mark called; he may be working late.
That's good. The Dinningroom is still a mess and it will give me a chance to finish cleaning up.
PT. Going very well. The hamstrings are responing nicely to the treatment and I am able to so much more. We are also working on my balance. It seems like a long time. And it has been.
But given last November I was on crutches and now I am standing with no hip pain and my hamstrings nolonger as tight, I have come a very long way.
The good news is after my therapy is over, I can still go to the Center and work out and thus not lose any of the ground I have gain.
Yawning. Time for that nap.
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