Sunday, 22 March 2009

A New Week

Boka Tov;
It is a bright sunny Spring day here in Virginia.
The past few days the sun is out, but it has been chilly. I am hoping it will be a nice warm one today.
Later in the day, Mark and I plan to visit our parnets. It is so much fun seeing Mummie. She is such a giggle.
And I know Mark's folk would love to see him, in light of his being deployed this summer.
Right now, all of this seems surreal. Mark hasn't been home a year and off he goes again.
But I am also proud of Mark. He wasn't just a randon pick, but requested because of the fine job he did on his last deployed.
That doesn't often happen and it is very good for his career.
So, right now, we are enjoying being together. The unit's Family Support is excellent I hear and I am looking forward to warking with them.
There is tenison in the air; how care there not be. This causes us to work harder to be kinder and more patient with each other, remembering the other isn't the enemy.
The enemy is hiding in a cave somewhere.
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