Saturday, 7 March 2009

Fried Chicken

It has been a wonderful few days and a lovely Shabbath.
The weather is warming up and we even went out without coats the past few days. The work I am doing to repair my hamstirngs is painful, but needful and I am willing to do the work (slowly) to recover. My hamstrings must be retaught to relax and stretch, so they may lenghten and be flexable once again.
My therapist believes if I stretch them during the weekend, it will go a long way in the healing progress.
Last night, after welcoming Shabbat, we attended a play based on the works of Dr.Sesus. We both know the young lady who directed the Play; she and I have danced together for years and she was also of the dancers in our wedding.
It was so good and the children actually had a good time, singing, dancing and performing. But then, they were charaters in some ot their flavorite Dr. Sesus's story. There was with the Cat in the Hat.
Becca did a wonderful job and the children love her.
This morning, Mark had to attend classes to keep up his skills as a teacher, The woman leading the workshop is part of writer;s group, called the Muse, not far from us. He told her about his wife who writes "beautiful stories", and I have been offered an invivation to come and be part of the group.
That's my Mark; looking out for his beloved.
So, I spend a quiet morning at home and then we went to Torah study, which was about building the Tent of Meetings. Being a crafter, this has always been one of my flavorite chapters to study.
We came home, took a long nap and then Mark decided he had a taste for fired chicken.
So off he went to get fried chicken for supper and I don't have to cook.
I told him a piece of fried chicken once in a while will not hurt. It is good to have atrick once in a while.
The weather is so much nicer, almost Spring. But I am not looking forward to turning my clock forward.
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