Tuesday, 31 March 2009

My Friend Beth

One of the these about Blogs that I love is how they manage to bring people together.
Such as my friend Beth, who left a comment to my last post.
First, I need to go and see what she wrote on the matter. (I really need to catch up on my Blog readings.)
Second, she brought the other side of the issue, in a fair and beautiful way that was not only well thought out, but worded in such a way that she showed respect to me and my views.
This is the kind of example we as Amercians need; the ability to be able to sit down, talk , and work together for the betterment and healing of our nation.
I would agree with Beth on this point; I do believe that this will soon die down and we will once again put our focus back where it belongs.
Hugs Beth.
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