Friday, 5 February 2010

Boy, Did I Get letters :)

Boker Tov;
Well yesterday's entry hit a nerve.
A few folks left notes on my commnets, iniforming I was was wrong about the tea bagger slur, while others, who while didn't leave comments (I understand why) wrote me and told me I was quite correct.
Which gives me a giggle.
But the matter point about the entry wasn't about tea bags, but about someone I call friend. Someone who likes me, not because of who I am, but inspite of who I am. There are people who I have shared the faith, valves and if there is a disagreement, they have dropped me by The Biggest Loser drops pounds.
But a few days ago, Beth wrote me and there was something in her letter that gave me pause.
"Isn't blogging suppose to be fun?"
That's why I'd dropped a few myself. I find myself tired and stressed out from reading several and one just made me downright depress. And with Mark away, I don't need help. That's the purpose of LoveFromIraq blog, to get those feelings out.
So thanks for the letters; they were interesting to be sure.
And I shall work on getting the 'fun' bck into this blog.
But you are going to get history lessons this month: no getting around that.
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