Saturday, 6 February 2010

More Snow.

Lilai Tov;
This quiet Shabbat was and still is covered with snow.
I would guess about three incehs. Not enough to for a snow ball fight or and a snow man, but enough to blanket the city.
Which is fine because it was Shabbat and it just added another layer of silence.
It is chilly in the house so I am making coffee.
I happen to be one of those folks who can have coffee in the evening and it doesn't keep me awake. In fact, it helps to relax me.
Right now I am reading a book called Amish Peace.
And you don't have to be Amish to enjoy the book.
It speaks of that simple life that the Amish enjoy and how we can add some of it to our lives.
I see so much of my own life nad upbringing in the book: I can see areas in my life now. It isn't an easy life, but indeed worth it.
There is much to be said about slowing down, not spending beyond our needs, using what we have, not be wasteful
Might not be a bad idea to send our national leaders to live amoung the Amish for a few weeks.
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