Tuesday, 9 February 2010

No Rain Yet

Boker Tov;
The promised rain hasn't come yet, so after my morning coffee, I am going for my morning walk.
One thing Montana did was get me moving again. The snow got to me. That one day walking in the snow made me realize how much I miss walking.
Since the snow cleared up here, I have been wearing my Montana hoodie (nice, big and roomie, great for walking) walking pants and sneakers and getting out.
Good thing too: I went to the doctors' yesterday and learned I gained five pounds!
To be honest, I did eat more fast food and richer foods in Montana than I'd use to and the lack of activity just didn't help.
My doctor told me no guilt: everyone gain two to five pounds during the winter months, my blood pressure is excellent and the stress on my face is gone. So, she's pleased.
So, with the coffee now brewed, I am off for my morning stretches and then walk.
And who knows, I might even find something worth taking a picture of.
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