Sunday, 14 February 2010

It's Still Hard.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day.
I have so enjoyed looking upon the flowers Mark send, reading the little notes, hugging the little bear and enjoying the chocolate.
But it is just isn't the same without his being here.
This night has always been special. After a special meal and the exchanging of gifts, by the glow of candle light we would dance, remembering how Mark came to ask me to be his wife. Remembering the weeks that led up to the wedding and other events in our lives.
I would open the family Bible and look upon the rose he gave me the night Mark asked me to be his wife.
Now, I inhale the roses and hug the bear, waiting for my beloved to return to me.
It is part of being a military wife. Waiting.
It is still hard.
But having task at hand and having the love of Mark gets me through it.

This afternoon, I watched a Hebrew gentleman and his sons shopping (his kippah gave it away). He was was looking for just the right roses for his wife.
One of the sons asked why his abba was being so pickly, imma would love whatever she was given.
But the older boy pointed out to his younger brother: Imma loves yellow roses.
This father taught his sons well. By taking the time to find just the right coloured roses and making her favorite meal, he was teaching his boys how to love their wives. A good husband doesn't just provides and pays the bills; he knows the little things that makes her happy and willing to go out of his way to amke sure he finds that would delight her heart.
Even if it's yellow roses.
I couldn't help but smile, for I could see my Mark in this man, the same loving, caring, serving heart.
It is men that this man shopping for roses and my Mark that can make every day Valentine's Day.
Though to be honest, I wish Mark was here to give me the flowers himself.
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