Thursday, 18 February 2010


Many of my readers may remember that last April the four synagogues in our area were slapped with anti-Semitic messages and our neighorhood was covered with these messages along with anti-gay and racist statements.
It turns out that one of the sygnagogues' video captured several white men places stickers. Their fingerprints were lifted off the stickers.
Yesterday one of the men, 29 years old pleaded guilty to two counts of injuring a church and conspiring to commit a felony.
Arrested in July, it seems this man is a member of a white sumpremacist group known as Volksfront. He will be sentenced in May. A second man was charged last month and his trial is upcoming.
The good news. These men have been caught and justice will be served.
The bad news. These people are like rats: for every one you see, there are 50 you don't.
I am aware that most Americans don't feel as Volksfront and other groups  like them do. And we have come a long way baby in terms of respect and understanding our differences.
But sadly, dispite our great strives, there are those who still hate fellow human beings because of the colour of their skin, their religion or politial views.
For me as a Hebrew, it will not be until the return of Messiah that men and women will finally be able to dwell with one another in peace and harmony.
But until He returns, I am going to do my part to show forth the love of Messiah and His Torah.
Whether it is returned or not.
No one can make me hate them.
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