Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Coffee With My Beloved

Boker Tov;
Well Mark has been home for a few days now. There have been errands to run of course, but also lots of cuddling time.
How good it is to be held in the arms of my beloved again. To feel his warmth and to hear his heartbeat.  To look into those beautiful blue-green eyes of his and see his love for me. To hear his voice, his laugh and to enjoy cups of coffee only Mark could make. This week we have a few projects we wish to finish up and then next week, we are taking off.

Like my new t-shirt? Mark brought it back from Afghanistan and it has the unit's logo on it.

Mark looks goods. Yes, tired when he came home, but after pizza and a hot shower, he was fine. There has been no stress, other than family dealings and that he took care of quick and in a hurry.
We are so blessed with Mom and Dad Reel who not only understands, but encourages our enjoying each other and being together.
As Mom herself said: "not everyone is going to agree or understand. But it is your marriage and you have the right to tell folks to back off."
And we have had to do that .
Sometimes, you just have to remind people to keep their nose out of your busniess and their paws off your marriage.
I also have a new copier which Mark is going to hook up for me. I have old family pictures I wish to scan and save, as well as a few crosstitch patterns  I would like to scan and print out. But it does other stuff too.
It's been cool the past few evenings, but I have my beloved to keep me warm.
As he finishes up the laundry, I will be making his favorite stew; lamb, beef and goat.
Then after supper, cuddle on the sofa, watch a movie and then......
Have a wonderful day everyone.
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