Monday, 22 February 2010

My Cousin Michelle: A Step Into Where We Come From

It is the second week in. My cousin Michelle is on a month's trip of a life time.
Her first stop was Morocco. Having lived in Morocco for two months, I know she is had a wonderful time. Already she's had Henna, enjoy Moroccan tea with the local and sampled many of the dishes she's heard me speak about preparing.
Now she is in Niger.
On her face book page this morning, Michelle wrote about staying in a mud hut and slepping under a mosquito net.  Of taking a bucket bath outside and used the bathroom outside. Of sitting on the floor and enjoying her meal with her hands.
In her words: "it was fantastic.."
 She is having the best time of my life. Knowing what type of life ourpeople had before being enslaved and brought to America:, we were ,extended families all living, working together.

We worked the land, taught our children respect for the land, their elders and each other. Everyone looked after the other family's needs. The tribe's needs were always considered.
Michelle is living and walking that which we read in history books. A life that hasn't changed.
A simplier life.
My time in North Africa changed my life life forever.
And I know Michelle's has changed too.
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