Tuesday, 23 February 2010

International Day To Fight Cancer

Today is the International Day for the Fight Against Cancer. In memory of those who lost the battle against cancer, and those who continue fighting. I pray for a cure.
It is a battle that strikes too close to home.
I was a hospic LPN for many years, caring for those who were in the final stages of cancer.
I lost a grandfather to lung cancer and several good friends to breast cancer.
And as many who have followed this blog know, in 2004, Mark came home from Iraq and learned he had cancer. Because it was caught in the early stages, he had a 90% chance of making a full recovery. He has since returned returned to the service he loves.
Today it is rare to find anyone who has not been touched in some form or fashion through this disease and I do believe that we can, G-d willing find a cure for this disease.
I pray not just for those who have care, but for the family and loved ones.
And say thank to doctors, nurses and others who work hard caring for those ill and working towards a cure,
May that Day come soon.
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