Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Lovely Mess

I know everyone understands why I haven't been blogging the past few days :)
After a few days of much needed sleep and food, we got many errands out of the way; including laundry and Mark replacing light bubles
Right now there is a trail of iron poles, plastic wrap, nails, tools and such leading from the Livingroom to the WaterCloset.
Because I am getting new bathroom selves.
My beloved decided to put up the selves he has been promising to do.
But every time he starts, there is this little thing called a deployment that pops up.
It won't really take that long.
But it is a huge mess. With lots of banging and crashes and Mark checking his languge.
And I love it.
Because it means my big guy is home.

It means not just his presence, but his body, his scent, his voice, fills the air.
The mess means my beloved is working on a project that will make my homemaking easier and our home nicer.

Friday evening, Ere Shabbat was wonderful. To share the wine and the Challah with my beloved after months apart, I can't begin to find the words to express how I felt.
Except pure bliss.
Yes, after Shabbat there were dishes to wash and put away. But then it was something we did together. We brought in and rejoice in Shabbat together, resting in G-d and each other.
I guess I could complain about the mess in my home right now.
But that mess means my beloved is home.
And for me, it is a lovely sight.
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