Thursday, 4 February 2010

A Tea Bagger?

I just read an interesting entry on my friend Beth's blog.
Somehow this dear lady remains friends with me and I rather like her.
Yes, we have different views on many subjects. She supports Mr. Obama. I think he's the worst president since Mr. Carter. I love Sarah Palin and the very name makes Beth ill.
And yet, we can read each other's blogs, leave comments and remain friends.
That's how adults act; on the those things they agree, cool. On those things they don't, they agree to disagree.
My only suggestion is dropping the word "tea bagger." A cousin of my told me that the phrase is in England a vile slur concerning someone who is gay. Liken to the N-word or when the Romans and Nazis used Jew as the word for dog.
Not very nice.
I love you Beth, you do keep me on my toes.
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