Monday, 15 February 2010

Happy Birthday, Mummie

On this day on Black History month, 76 years ago today Maggie Lee Prude, youngest daughter of Callie and Pink Prude was born.
Finishing high school at age seven-teen, she went on to business school and has worked as an office account and later become a legal secretary for the Boston law firm Hill and Barrow.
As a young woman, mummie would change her name to Margaret and outside the family, few got away with calling her Maggie.
She had and raised two daughters, Elayne and Eileen. Both proved in her words to be: "a delight and a challenge."

Mummie was a mum to every child in whatever neighorhood we lived in, even to my cousin Renee who is still dear to her heart.
After my sister and I were on our own, mum recieved an offer to move to Virginia Beach and work at CBN. Later, she would go to work at it's TV station and retired as the Human Resource director.
During this time she served at her home church in many areas, including President of the Women's Group, teaching High School Sunday School and as a Missionary.
After retirement, Mummie would return to CNB as a Phone Counselor, first part-time and then full time, until her stroke ten years ago.
Still going strong, Mummie has had the joy of seeing both her girls marry the loves of their lives, see  five grandchildren and soon five great-grandchildren.
To this day, I still meet people who tell me how my mother touched their lives; encouraging to become doctors, lawyers and even servicemen and women, missioniares and teachers. I would hear about those she prayed for and how The Holy One answered her prayers. The delight she brings the staff of where she lives, the love her sons-in-law have for her, 

and the pure joy she brings to all who know her. Even retired ministers often call upon her for chats and to be uplifted.

What a blessing it is to still pick up the phone and hear her voice, to recieve her counsel and support. To laugh with her and even still be able to cry on her shoulder as I did when I was a child.

So happy birthday, Mummy. Thanks for being not only the greatest mum on earth, but just for the honour of being your eldesst daughter.
Blessed Are You, O L-rd, King of the World, Who Blesses us with such good gifts.
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