Friday, 5 February 2010

Diary of A Angry Black Woman

Boker Tov:
While visiting my mum over the holidays, we watched Diary of an Angry Black Woman.
Now I have to confess, I had avoided the film because I feared the sterotypes that go along with so many black films.
But I was in for a huge surprise.
First Tyler Perry is a stitch as both grandmother Madea and the loving, suppotive cousin. It is a movie full of anger, laugher, tears, joy, the power of forgivness and hope.
The plot: Helen McCarter ( played byKimberly Elise) and Charles McCarter ( played by Steve Harris) had it all: money, success and a fine home. Helen wants to belive her life is perfect and fears at times, Charles doesn't love her. In public they seemed to tperfect, but it was all far from perfect behind closed doors. Helen is unemployed, having given up her family and friends for her hsuband, who strays, having multiple affairs.
 On their 18th wedding anniversary, Helen wakes up to find all of her belongings packed in a U-Haul truck with Charles kicking her out of the house in the presence of his young mistress - and mother of his two children - Brenda  played by (Lisa Marcos).
 An emotionally destroyed and penniless Helen turns to her sassy and loud grandmother Madea (Tyler Perry,( Which is Helen's mother mother, who Charles had placed in a Nursing Home). Madea takes her in and helps her get back on her feet. Brian (Tyler Perry),] Madea's nephew, acts as Madea and Helen's attorney at court after the two women were caught by Charles and Brenda for breaking into the mansion and vandalizing some of his and Brenda's belongings. (Madea rammed her car into the security gate of Charles' home, cut some of the furniture in half with a chainsaw and the two of them were ripping Brenda's clothes). He also acts as Helen's attorney for her in divorce court and during the court session. It is during this time that Helen begins to grow as a person, releasing her anger and even falling in love with the very man who moved her out of her home. Now able to stand on her own two feet, Helen decides to let Charles keep all the money and property provided he pays Brian's attorney fees and for her mother's ( Madea's daughter) stay in the nursing home (which he forced Helen to put her mother in during their marriage) which Charles happily agrees to do since Helen wants nothing else.
But you can't do folks dirty and get away with it.
Due to Madea being a repeat offender, Judge Mablean Ephriam places her under house arrest and set a $5,000 bond for Helen. Brian himself had some marital problems at home with his wife's (Debrah)(Tamara Taylor)  drug habits and addiction and kicks her out of the house after the last straw. Helen soon learns to grow through her pain, and is ready to move on from Charles and give love another chance with Orlando (Shemar Moore). Meanwhile, Charles is coerced by Jamison Milton Jackson (Gary Anthony Sturgisto) to be his attorney and possibly bribe the judge in his favor for his upcoming trial for shooting an undercover cop during a drug deal

Charles ends up losing the case when the jurors find Jamison guilty at the trial. As a disgruntled Jamison is being led out of the courtroom by the bailiff, he takes the bailiff's gun and ends up shooting Charles. Once Helen finds out about Charles on the news, she races over to the hospital with Brian (the two run into Brenda) and the doctor informs them that Charles was shot in the spine and could be paralyzed for life. Since Helen still was legally married to Charles, she was able to have Charles resuscitated, while Brenda couldn't (as the fiancee) and wanted the opposite.
After several torture tactics, Helen ends up tending to Charles as he recovered and as it turned out, she was the only one there for him. Brenda left him since she didn't want to take care of him and only wanted his money along with their maid Christina (after Brenda took all of Charles' money and had left none to pay her) and Charles' friends abandoned him. Helen at first bursts into rage and gets even with Charles, but then she ends up forgiving him and moving on. Charles ends up changing for the better, apologizing to Helen and realizing the error of his ways. Despite the doctor's prediction, he ends up being able to walk again (with a cane) after many visits in physical therapy. At church, while everyone witnesses Charles walk for the first time (with his cane), along with a newly clean and sober Deborah fresh from rehab. During a family dinner, Helen gives Charles the signed divorce papers, leaves the table to go to Orlando and finally gets her man in the end.
As long as Helen remained angry, the only person she hurt was herself. Unforgivness is what hardens the heart and keeps us imprisoned. Forgivness isn't just for the person's sake, but our own. It isn't just time that heals, but love.
Tyler Perry's movie was about love, forgivness and hope, the need of family love and support.. And yes, because he is a believer, faith.
Keep writing Tyler.
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