Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I Love A Man In Uniform; A Book Review

Boker Tov:
This book review is long overdue.
I Love A Man In Uniform was written by Lily Burana.
A memoir of love, war and other battles indeed.
 It was a book given to me by a friend last year. Right after Mark left for Afghanistan, I began to read it
It isn't a fluffy piece filled with mum and apple pie and how honoured you should be to let Uncle Sam take your man for months on end, just put your big girl panties on and deal with it. But a fresh, raw, honest look at what we as military wives go through. The ups and downs, the highs and lows, even the lost of friends who can't deal with your raw nerves.
 I could well relate to Lily; going up a bit of a rebel ( Lily was full blown), our relationships with our men centered around the war; she and Mike were married just before his deployment. Mark and I were seeing where we were going in our relationship. Our guys were there in Iraq at the same time, though Mark was there longer. There was an reajustment period when they came home and even a chance the relationships could end.
Lily and I have gone through similiar battles and have come out the victor. While as different as night and day, I found a kinship that helped me deal with Mark's deployment. I learned not only how to, but now can utter the words "embrace the suck." This comes from the guys who had to be in Iraq over a year, stating this sucks. And a CO is quoted as 'embrace the suck."
Yes, I am aware that a nice frum like me shouldn't use phrases like that, but frankly, sometimes those are the very phrases that are the most honest.
So, I shall say, this sticks.
I highly recommend I Love A Man in Iniform, not just for those who loved ones deployed or about to be send over. But for those who have family and friends who have one side of the bed empty, someone missing at the supper table and you quite can't understand why girlfriend is so touchy, so sensitive, maybe you can understand us just alittle better.
Love you, Lily.
And I am happy to say, after finding out she was on facebook, I was honoured that she accepted this frum as a friend. I am hoping one day when Mark takes me to Westpoint to visit, I shall get to meet Lily and her husband Mike.
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