Monday, 8 February 2010

Don't Know What You've Got Til it's Gone.

It has been a bettersweet two weeks
The day before I came home from Montana, I learned of the passing of a dear friend, a woman who was very much a mum to all who knew her. Nairia had the same stroke my mum had over the summer and never really recovered.
I can still see her beautiful smile, her telling me she was praying for a husband for me and her dancing at our wedding. I remember how we were asked to help with her daughter's wedding. Our singing in the choir and those wondeful rolls she would always bring me.
Sometime, this pass friday, there was another death. I knew his wife better than he, but still it was a shock to us all.
I just read a tribute about what Val wrote about Bill; coming downstairs and seeing his flannel shirt over the chair ans thinking he was still there. Missing the scent of his brewed coffee....those little things.
I have those same moments in our home.
But G-d willing, my husband is coming to me.
Val will soon lay her beloved to rest.
I feel odd complaining about missing my beloved when another woman who just began a widow.
How we take the people in our lives for granted.
I called my mum today and told her I loved her, aware that there are four friends who can't do no longer.
I await Mark's call so I can hear him say "I love you," knowing another woman won't hear those words again this side of heaven.
May we each take a moment to emabrace those we love; for none of us knows what tomorrow will bring.
And to each of you who read this blog, who have deed me the honour of being a friend, I love you and thank you for the gift of your friendship.
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