Monday, 23 July 2012

Evil Amoung Us

Boker Tov:
Today's Batman movies are just not my cup of tea.  For me, Adam West is and shall forever will be Batman.
I remember those wonderful nights, Batman Night, when my sister and I would gather around the TV to watch Batman. Yes, campy now, but then, Batman and Robin were so cool. And when Eartha Kitt came on as Cat woman number two, she became one of the role model for many of a little girl of colour.
Mummie even brought me some Cat woman glasses.
The Batman of my youth was more of an innocent time. I guess I am beginning to sound old; I miss those days......
In the world of my Batman, the evil of the magnitude of Thursday night Batman movie massacre would have remain on the movie or TV screen or in the comic books.
That world is now gone, living only in the memories of those of us who remember those days. Today we in times that sometimes appears as dark as the newest Batman movie.
For next several days we are going to hear various experts, so-called experts and TV talking heads try to sense and even explain the horror those movie goes went through. What this nation is once again facing and dealing with.
There will be the outcry for more gun control, blaming the ease of being able to buy weapons of mass destruction. There will be the outcry that this the fruit of violent video and role playing games, of books and media.
One reporter has already had to retract his words because he thought there was a Tea Party connection.
The victims families will also get slapped with blame: how do you take a six year old to a 12am movie? will be the challenge.
Even the killer's family will be blamed: how did his parents manage to raise a killer? What clues were there and they missed? Surely the collage knew something was wrong with him....
And all will have it wrong.
The one and the only one to blame is the killer himself. He spend months researching, plotting, buying and planning his murderous intend. He wired his apartment with the intend to kill the police who would come in response to loud music being played.
What we really need to do is acknowledge that there is evil in the world. That evil is real, and that there are evil people in the world.
The murder of 12 people who had done him no harm is such an evil person.
As a person of faith, I know such evil will one day be done away with.
But until that day, I believe that each one of us should do what we can to purge as much of that evil from our world to prevent more murders.
How, Laini?
I believe it starts in the home; in the teaching of what is right and what is wrong. That we are indeed our brother's keeper. Instead of battling over gun-control and gun rights, how about more attention to mental illness; we as a nation spend so little time, attention and resources in this area.
Until a Batman massacre or Virginia Tech occurs.
We must not allow the Dark Night engulf us, but fight it and help others to endue it. We must pray.
We must chose to overcome the evil with good.
And when our situration improves, I am getting another pair of Cat Woman glasses.

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