Thursday, 19 July 2012

Love Really Hurts

The do experts say that when your dog gets loose and runs for a busy street, don't run after him or her. Instead, start yelling and screaming, act crazy or fall down. Anything to get their attention. Otherwise, if you run away your pet, he will think this is a game and run right into danger.
Now they tell me....
The day, Friday the 13th. I kid you not.
Mark, being the amazing son-in-law that he is, took my mother for an eye examine. Mother had an cataract removed several months ago and the doctor wanted to see how she was doing.
So, I was home with Monti.
Around twelve noon, I took Monti out to go to the loo, not on his lead. The reason? Because is so hot, Monti takes care of busy and then heads back to the apartment.
Not this afternoon.
Monti caught a scent of something and headed out of the Court. I followed, again not too worried. He stopped to smell a daisy and then with a turn of his paws, Monti headed off to the busy main street of Hampton Blvd.
I started calling Monti, even grabbed for him, but he thought it was all a game and began to run.
All I could think of is: "Dear G-d! I can't stop him!"
The next thing I remember was looking eye level at Monti; it seems I tripped and fell. And with my falling, Monti heard me, then came over to see about me.
Thankfully, Monti wasn't hurt.
I did manage to get upstairs and to bed.
When Mark arrived home, he took me to the Urgent Care, where we learnd I had sprain my right wrist and badly bruised and sprain my left knee.
Yeah, I'm smiling through the pain.
Nor has Monti left my side.
As of this writing, my right wrist is feeling much better and I am no longer wearing the brace.
The knee, is a different story... This is my knee as of a few days ago. I still have to wear an Ace Bandage, ice it and keep it up because of the swelling.
Yesterday, Monti came over and licked my bruises as he always do. But this time, he also brought me one of his Milk Bones, hoping it would make me feel better.
Yeah, love hurts. But when I look at those big brown eyes staring back at me with love, it was worth the fall.
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