Friday, 20 July 2012

The Work of Our Hands

It is rare that I agree with Mr.Obama. Last Friday, the 13th, Mr. Obama was here in Virginia, giving a speech about business and business owners. Within a few minutes it was clear Mr.Obama went off message and gave a rather...interesting view of how one truly success in business.
You don't.
According to Mr.Obama, those who have any measure of sucess, did not do it alone. And that is true; many do make with help. But to say that it isn't my. I beg to differ.
Mr. Obama; you do not a shilling in my pound.
But Mr. Obama is right about one thing; I didn't make it as a struggling Needle-Woman on my own.
  So I would like to thank the ones who made my tiny business possible:
 I would like to first  thank the Creator Who came me life and breath. He Who Blesses the works of my hands. I would like to thank Adam and Eve, though they did eat us out of garden and home. Noah and his family who build the ark. And father Abraham who listen to the Voice  and left the land of his father for the Promise Land.
 I would like to thank my Israeli ancestors, those who scattered our people into North , East and West Africa, to Great Britain, Swizland and Germany.
 I would like to thank those who build the slave ships and the chains, The slave traders who brought my people here. I would like to thank the Mixson and Prude Families who brought members of my family. I want to thank Sam and Narcissa (a fine needle woman in her own right)  Mixson who had Callie, and Callie married Joe Prude, son of Pink Prude. Callie and Joe Prude who had my mother. To my mother and  to my father, a New York cab driver for having me. Oh and for my grandmother Callie and Aunt Lucille Hutson, both who knew how to handle a needle, who taught me to sew by hand. To my husband who encourages me daily and to those who have brought my products. 
And then there are the sheep who's wool supple the cloth and thread that make it possible for me to sew.  The planets that when boiled down makes the dyes to colour the threads and clothes I use.
Oh, and I forget the dear souls who made the gold plated needles I use....
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