Thursday, 12 July 2012

Update On Monti

In yesterday's post, I posted about Monti's search for an M&M in my quilting bag.
Yes, he is feeling so much better.
Lord Montaque T Reel is back.
He is back to sleeping all night, trying to get into his treat draw and sitting in from of the door, waiting to go out for his walk.
Tuesday morning, Monti had a follow up with his Vet. While he has lost two pounds due to his recent illness, the Vet says Monti is doing great. He even ate the doggie treat given to him.
So, once again, we are stepping over a blue-green monkey named George, finding my sofa quilt has been dragged to the floor and made into a doggie bed and having to fight off a little dog who is trying to mug me of my fried chicken wing.

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