Tuesday, 3 July 2012

What You Don't Know Can Kill You

Hypertension, better known as high blood pressure, is one of the major causes of death in this country. While there are many causes, in my case, it is family history. My grandmother had hypertension in her twenties, my mother in her early thirties. And while knowing my family history and keeping an eye on my own blood pressure, I still develop the disease in my forties.
Sadly, more people, many more are people of colour, are having and dying from strokes in their fifties and and early sixties. These include Luther Vandross at age 54 and Barry White at age 58.
While native Americans and people of colour are at higher risk, so is everyone as we grow older. But there are other factors; smoking, poor diet, stress and lack of exercise also plays a role. Because of our own family history, Mark and I continue to make the changes needed to lead a happy, healthily life.

Recently I had a friend get mad at me.
Seems to be happening a lot lately.
My friend got mad because I told her the truth.
My she had been complaining about sever headaches. Having blood pressure myself, I know that the summer heat can cause problems including headaches. So I asked my friend if she had been watching her blood pressure.
No, she answered, she didn't need to, she felt fine.
But you have a headache, that is a major sign your pressure is up.
Are you taking your medication?
No, I really don't need it, I feel fine.
No you have a headache. If your not taking your medication, of course you have a headache.
Thank you Doctor Reel.
Your welcome. Look, you called me. What did you want me to do?
That is best left unsaid.
Three days later, my friend called to ask my forgiveness. It seem right after she spoke to me, she began to vomit and was rushed to hospital.
Her blood pressure was out of control.
After a few days, things settled down and we had a nice long talk.
"How did you know, Elayne?"
"Because when Mark and I were engaged, I had the same type of headache and Mark had to rush me to hospital. That is how I found out I had high blood pressure." If Mark hadn't gotten me to hospital, there is a good chance I could have had a stroke.
This is why hypertension is known as the "silence killer," There are usually no signs unless your doctor sees a climb in your pressure.
 So my friend, who is no longer angry with me, suggested I blog about this.
Here it is, girlfriend.
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