Monday, 23 July 2012

Good Night, My Beloved: Part 2

Boker Tov:
As the nation awakes this Monday morning, we slowly come to grips with the nightmare of Thursday evening.
I am so thankful that both Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney stopped the back and forth and focus on their fellow Americans; both fathers and husbands, both holding their wives and children closer and encouraging us to do so as well. Both led the nation in prayer; both grieve.
I remember Mark waking me up with the news Friday morning. The tears that flowed through our prayers.
Today, families will begin the difficult task of preparing to lay their loved ones to rest, to say that final goodbye.
My thoughts go back to my summer devotional, Amish Peace.
"Never bury the body of your loved one before accepting resurrection in return."

One story from Amish Peace is the story of Esther, who's five year old son was killed by a speeding car. David Jr. was involved in a game of treasure hunt, riding his scooter when, riding out into the street he was hit.
As Esther knelt by the body of her child, she states she was filled with a calm she couldn't describe.
"I felt a Presence around me that controlled me." What Esther felt was the Presence of G-d, giving her strength.
It was that calm, that strenght that made Esther leave David and go comfort the young man that killed her son, to forgive him. It was that same strenght that allowed her to release David, knowing one day she would see him again.
Grieve isn't easy. Esther, despite her strong faith struggled. But she wasn't alone; G-d was with her.
I remember when our family was rocked with a murder; a family member stabbed to death by her husband with a butcher knife in front of their children. I remember not being able to sleep for weeks. And though it has been over 30 years, I still cannot touch a butcher knife.
I continue to light candle in memories of those who have passed from this life to the next. I shall pray for the Peace of G-d, for all involved. That they will feel His Presence during this time.
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