Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What You Don't Know Can Kill You: Part 2

One of the amazing things I have found in life is how little most people give thought to their health.
Until they become sick or injured.
In my case, it wasn't that I didn't care: I didn't pay enough attention to my own health.
One of my strongest traits and greatest downfalls is I tend to be some want of an Earth Mother; taking care of everyone around me, making sure everyone has what they need and putting myself last.
So noble.
So humble.
So dumb.
Not that I am saying that we must put our needs above others. But one must not put one self on the back burner either.
It was several months after I have placed my mother is an assistance care home. I was putting my home and my life back in order and dealing with a major depression. Around this time I had found an low income clinic in my neighbourhood and made an appointment. I wasn't feeling well, lots of headaches I caulked up to migraines, stress and the depression. I was even beginning to wonder is I was being menopause, though I would be rather young.
It turns out that my headaches were tension headaches and my blood pressure was a little high. But the doctor and I reason with all the stress I was under, once I wanted handling the stress better, the headaches would go away and my pressure would return to normal. Which it did for a while.
I now realise that amoung the signs of High Blood Pressure is depression as well as headaches. Given my family history, both my doctor and I should have paid more to the slow climb of my pressure.
I confess I wasn't taking my blood pressure as I should, so I didn't have a record to compare.
It wouldn't be until years later, after a week long headache landed me in the ER that I would come face with the truth. I had uncontrollable blood pressure. The numbers 200/190.
That is called a Stroke in the making.
The doctor said my vomiting took the pressure off my brain and causing the pressure to go down. I spread four days in hospital getting it back down and under control.
And seven years later, it has remained around 110/70. Sometimes under stress it does go up a bit, but not by much.
I watch my salt intake, no more fast foods, drink lots of water, thanks to Monti, walk and learn to keep the stress down.
In order to be here for my husband and those I love, to enjoy the gift of life I have been blessed with, to say to my Creator, "Thank you for my life," I take care of myself. I take my medication and follow doctor's orders.
The most lovingly thing we can do for those we love is to take care of ourselves.
As Mark and I often say "we take care of each other, for each other."
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