Thursday, 12 July 2012

My Spiritual Journey; Part 2

My friend Richard Kidd recently said; "we are all on a spiritual journey..."
When I ponder upon those words, I cannot help but think that this means there is not only a purpose in life, but we are heading somewhere.
As one of our rabbi often says; "the question isn't when you die, where will your soul go, but to Whom."
I like that thought.
It makes me think of the times my family and I were planning a trip to visit extended family in New York. All the preparation that went into the trip; frying a batch of chicken and packing potatoes chips and cans of soda for our lunch as we rode on the Greyhound. Enough clothes for the visit, gifts and books to read.
We weren't just going to Aunt Lola or Aunt Lucille's home, but we were going to visit Aunt Lola and her family. We would be spending the wee with Aunt Lucille and her family.
For that week or for the summer, Aunt's Lola's home would be ours as well. And our New York family came to stay with us, our home was theirs as well.
Richard's words made me think; I am not just wandering through this life, only to end up six feet under and soon forgotten, just a memory to those who love me.
There is an end to this road; it is called Heaven.
And one day, I shall walk into that Golden Land and reunite with those who passed on before me, to return to the One Who Created me.
As C.S.Lewis once wrote, my soul "is drawn upward."
May we all find joy in the journey.

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