Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My Views on Health Care.

Marty asked me a rather interesting question about health care that I would like to try and answer.
First, I do believe something must be done. I have a friend who doesn't have health care and we his friends are caring for him.
You see, Marty, on this matter I tend to be more like the Amish. The Amish do not collect any government assistance. They don't collect umeployment, insurance of any kind or social security. They believe that the communty takes care of their own. So if an someone in the communty, Amish or not becomes ill, the communty comes together and pays for the needed medical services. If a family falls on hard times, the communty picks them up, giving food, money, even creating work for the able body. There are no nursing homes; the families care for their elders. If more faith communtries would take their clue from the Amish, there would be few needly amoung us. I speak as a person of faith; this is where we as believers have failed our fellowman. It is our job, not the governments to care for the needs of our fellow Amercians.
With G-d's help, Mark and I hope to build such a commuty.

 I am one of those who use to be on Welfare, worked part time when I could have gone full time because at the time I was a single mother and both my son and I had acute asthma. During my years in the health care world, you had to be an R.N or above to receive the benefits of health care.
Throughout all the years I worked, I never had health care. When my son went into the Navy, there went the medical coverage. During this time, I injured my back at work and was in hospital for a week in traction. My doctor had to battle with Medical in order for me to receive treatment; the Medical Nurse felt the traction wasn't needed and didn't want to pay for it.
My doctor won.
When I was send home, the doctor order P.T. and a TENS Unit for home use. The Medical Nurse said, either was needed and I should be able to return to work. Once again, my doctor had to find with Medical for that I receive the treatment I needed.
Medical would not place for plastic lens for my glasses; only glass in my eye glasses. My doctor had to explain take the glass would make the eye wear difficult for me to wear and would break easier. We now have to pay not only for our own glasses, but my mother's. Her insurance (Medical) doesn't cover her glasses.
While most jobs today come with health care benefits, the health care insurance, like Medical tells you what it will and will not cover. Example, our insurance will not pay for infertility treatment for women over the age of 38. So this is treatment we have to pay out of pocket ourselves. Will such treatment be covered in ObamaCare like birth control pills?
Most countries that have government paid medical care also very high tax rates. In many of the European countries, income tax is around 50%.
 The American  media likes to paint a glowing picture of these countries that have government sponsored health care, yet even in those countries there is a o two tier health care system. The "free" services are OK, better than no health care. But those who have the money, do pay for a better level of health care.
 This nation  has the most advanced health care in the world. So we are doing something right. even the poorest amoung us can receive the most advance care. In those countries with government health care, sorry, but that would not happen. While I agree that our system is not perfect and there definitely could be improvements, I also believe that Government control health care is the wrong way to go. In the long run, it will be the government and not your doctor telling you if you need this treatment or no. 
Having been on government health care and now receiving Tricare, I for one do not want to see the government take over health care. The government is very good at making a mess of things. The answer lies in making afford health care available through the private sector. Just as we now have School vouchers for low income parents, the voucher system would also work in health care.
But frankly, we Americans really need to become proactive in our own health. We need to put down the hamburgers and pick carrots. Put down the soda (and Starbucks) and drink more water. We need to walk more drive less. One of the ways to bring down health cost; we need to take better care of ourselves. 
Now if you will excuse me, it is time for my daily walk.
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