Thursday, 5 July 2012

Visiting Family

The 4th for us was a little different.
Usually, we are in Williamburg, celebrating both our anniversary and the 4th of July.
But with money being tight, we were left coming up with a scaled down celebration. So I suggested this would be a good day to go visit our parents. It would get us out of the house, break our depression and spend time with people we love.
Montaque, who is feeling great these days, once again enjoyed the car ride.
First, we stopped at my mother's.
She was sitting in her room, waiting for her family. While we have kept in touch by phone, it just isn't the same. Having been worried about Monti, she was happy to see him running about, showering her with kisses and she even laid out a pillow for him to lay on.
And of course the staff and residents love Monti as well. This sweet little guy has a way of lifting everyone's spirits. There was one gentleman I spoke to as he played with Monti. He told me that just before he came to Hope Haven, he had a dog, a Collie, for twenty years before he passed on. It brought this older man so much joy to play with Monti. He said he wished Hope Haven had a dog. I told him, that is why we brought Monti, because we are sharing him with the residents of Hope Haven.
Monti even managed to beg a few potato chips from one of the staffers.
Next, we went to see Mark's parents.
This was Monti's first visit to Mum and Dad's and he did great. Dad got a kick out Monti smiling at him.
Mark and his dad went off to talk about a project Dad wishes Mark to help with, while Mum and I talked about what G-d has been doing in our lives. All the while, Monti was getting to his grandparnets' home.
I realise how much I had been missing my family. We don't do a lot of driving these days, saving gas for Mark's job searches or doctor's appointments. Just seeing their faces, receiving hugs and kisses. Hearing, "how are you guys doing, really?" in that way only a mum or dad can do.
No fireworks or hot dogs.
Just spending time with the people we love and who love us.
Another sweet memory for our memory book.
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