Friday, 20 July 2012

On My Sofa I Pray

Boker Tov; (good morning)
Since the Virginia rejected the Stimulus Funds that would have expanded jobless benefits, last week's unemployment check was Mark's last check.
I remember reading Mr. Tim Kaine's angry response about the vote's overcome: "there's an awful lot of people are hurting in Virginia, and the message seemed to be: 'W e don't care. Fend for yourself."
Yeah, that message came through loud and clear; we don't care.
Sadly, those who have been looking for work more than a year, are accused of not trying hard enough, of not wanting to work, that it is easier to collect and live off the breast of the Government.
In some cases, that is true.
But most are not.
Most Americans do want to work, to take care of their families. Whether is working in the career of their choice, working for someone else or creating their own business, we as a people extol the value of the moral work ethic; "he who will not work, neither let him eat," That work is its own reward. I remember several years ago my mother asking me to do some sewing for her and she offered to pay me. I turned her down; she's my mother and I love to do this project as a gift. But as always she would remind me; "a worker is worthy of his/her hire."
For many of us, work is part of our worship, our service to both The Creator and our fellow man. Whether it is performing surgery, serving in the military, teaching a class, writing a blog or sweeping a floor, all work is holy. Work is a religious experience. It is spiritually rewarding.
But whether one sees work as a religious duty, a high or just a part of life, most people have some idea as to how they wish to make a living.
I grew up in a somewhat conservative home and the the above are the morals that were instilled in me. So, too was those who didn't work, something was wrong with them; something spirituality wrong. These people are morally flawed and lazy. Even selfish and childlike; wanting others to take care of them. And I believed it.
That was until I entered the Work Force myself.  When I couldn't find a job and had to go to Trade School myself to learn a trade, becoming a Nurse's Aide.
Yes, once I learn basic nursing skills, it was  easy for me to get a job; but then there were plenty Nurse's Aides to be had. Because of an eye condition, a Nurse's Aide is as far as I could go in the nursing field. To do anything else, I would have to go back to school, full-time and this would mean leaving my job. During this time there were no grants to assist me. I'm not complaining; it's what it was. And I enjoyed being an CNA.
During this time, I watched friends who had gone to collage and after finishing, couldn't find a job in their given field. Some did find work after several months; a few in their given field. Two started their own business. One went into the army, figuring the army could use her skills. But most took lower paying jobs outside their fields.
I watched friends who served in the Military some twenty-five, thirty years, come out of the service and cannot find jobs that match their skills. They too often take job with lower pay, often out of their field.
If they can find work at all. Sadly, today, many of our Veterans are out of work, not able to find jobs at Pizza Hut. Just in the past month alone, Mark has applied as a driver to Pizza Hut, Papa John, Bella Pizza ( local) and YNot Pizza. All hiring. None called him in even for an interview. This week Mark started trained school to become a carpenter, thinking we would still have his unemployment checks to help out. Until he found out the checks stopped last week.
The Glenn Becks, Bill O'Reillys (who I sometimes agree with) and Sean Hannitys of the world would have you believe, as I once did, that those who don't work, don't want to. That these people have a flawed moral core. That men and women like my husband Mark are lazy and just sit on their butts, eating potato chips and playing video games, while the nation supports them.
While I am pro-business, I am also aware that people like Mark can't get jobs because there are no lower paying jobs. Most who are laid off do not find higher paying jobs. Amoug the highest rate of unemployed are our Veterans. Despite their education and skills, these men and women cannot find jobs.
Sadly, many of my fellow conservatives have no idea what it is like in the real (Reel) world. Many have no idea how hard it to send off resume after resume, go to one interview after another. To wonder if this month will be the last month in their home or apartment. How far can you stretch red beans and rice. Or dig through the sofa for enough change to buy a box of Milk Bones.
So, I lounge on my sofa while Mark is in class, not knowing what the future holds for us, but knowing Who holds the future.
Because of the accident, I had to cancel the Yard Sale I had planned, so I have to wait until the knee heals to do the Sale. But I can do some sewing and pay someone buys my rag dolls.
Since Mark could be offered a part-time job as part of his schooling as early as next week, I pray something will open up. I pray that I can earn money with my crafts to help my husband.
And I pray for all who are looking for work, who are struggling as we are.
And that somewhere along the line, the Glenn Becks, Sean Hannitys and their irk will gain some compassion for those who aren't as affluent as they.

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