Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Feastvial of Our Freedom

In less than twenty-four hours, it will be Passover.
This year holds special meaning for me.
Dealing with this depression, as taught me how to find joy in the little things. The singing of a BlueJay. The beauty of a ButterCup. The joy that comes with a dog washing your face with kisses.
 Mark is still out of work. And yet, we have never been closer. We talk more. We pray more. Yes, things have been tense at times, but we have learn to make up quicker. We say 'I love you,' more, we giggle over a shared candy bar or have laughing fits over the antics of Montaque.

 As I read once again the story of Passover, of G_D seeing the oppression of His people and through Moshe, delievered them from Pharoah with a strong Hand. Like our forefathers, we are being beaten down and oppressed with the weight of our present situration. We are being pressed on all sides, we have been crying out to the Holy One. Crying out for jobs, for relieve from bill collectors, from the bondage of lack. We are driven to our knees in prayer, knowing in our heart of hearts He shall deliever us.
Just as He delievered our forefathers in those days of ole.
The Passover Miracle? The delieverance from Bondage, to be led to the Land flowing with milk and honey, The Promised Land. He is still the G_D Who Sees, Who Cares, Who Delievers.
Many of the Hebrews lost hope, no longer believered. But many Hebrews still held on and did not give up hope. The whip against raw backs didn't beat away the longing of the breaking of those chains.
It didn't matter who did or did not believe in the Promise; G_D still came and delievered His Children.
And that is why we partake of the Passover every year; to remember that Night of Wonder, that Night of Nights.
Now here is the interesting part I saw this year: it wasn't believeing if G_D would indeed deliever His Children as promised, but was in the lamb itself.
Each family was to take for themselve a male yearling into their home for four or five days. They were to feed it from their table. The yearling slept with the children, played with the children and followed the woman of the home around. The lamb became part of the family; they even had to clean up after the guy's waste.
But then, there came that day when the family stood in front of the door, each member placing their hands upon the lamb's head. Then the father would have to slit the lamb's throat, all the while the lamb is looking lovingly in the father's eyes.
The blood was placed on the doorpost and then the lamb is roasted and eaten. In sadness.
The salvation was in the death of the lamb, of placing the blood on the doorpost and eating its roasted flesh. It was personal because the salvation came from not just any old lamb; but one that the family had embraced.
And yet, when the Angel of the L_RD "saw the blood, He Passover that house."
Centries later, Yeshua Himself celebrated Passover.  First with His mother, step-father, brothers and sisters, then later His Disciples. He knew what it was like to see that living, warm lamb, feeling its breath on His hand as it licked His hand. He knew what it was to carry the body of that same lamb upon His shoulders, so that it would be roasted and eaten iwth His family, along with the bitter herbs and unleavened bread. He drank the four cups on the table and sang the Passover songs. On His last night on earth, Yeshua said, "I have longed to share this Passover with you."
And so did His followers. In fact, until 300 A.D, the followers of Yeshua HaMessiah did not celebrate Easter, but Passover. It wasn't until Passover, along with all the other Feast of the L_RD were condmen and outlawed by the church fathers. So, with respect, this is why, if Yeshua was alive today, He would be keeping, not Easter, but Passover.
Sorry, no Easter Egg Hunts.
With all we have gone through the past almost two years, I can relate somewhat to my forefathers and mothers. For I have still outside, looking at the moon and cry; "When, L_RD, when?"
And just trust that He will deliever us.
This year we shall indeed hold a Seder in our home, thanks to the loving gifts of others who have made it possiable for us to keep the Commandment to keep the Passover. Gifts from the Hands of G_D through His children.
Today, Mark recieved a call; he was called back for a third interview with a insurance company. We are believing that this is his job.
A Passover Miracle.
Tomorrow night, Mark and I, like Jews all around the world, we will paratake of the roasted lamb and drink the wine, eat the unleaven and eat the bitter herbs. We shall enjoy in the G_D of our Salvation.
I invite my christian friends to read the Passover Story, found in Exdous chapter one to twelve. It's your story too.
For if there had been no Passover, there would be no Yeshua HaMessiah.

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