Sunday, 22 April 2012

Adopt The Elephant

Boker Tov:
There is an elderly man I know that I greatly admire.
Recently, my friend made a decision I know wasn't an easy one. Because of several health issues as well as several embarring moments, my friend realise he needed to start wearing adult diapers. A proud man, this was hard to face.
And yet the last time I saw he, not only did he tell me what he was wearing, he actually joked about it. He told me how freeing it was not to worry about having an accident or have to cut a visit short because he has to hurry home. The freedom he had now to return to the things he enjoyed doing.
This is called adopting the elephant.
It simply means, not only accepting, but learning to make this work for you.
Another friend of my is facing the home going of her mother. Mother had the decision to stop the treatment that was keeping her alive. My friend's mother said she had a wonderful life and she was ready to go home to her Creator. The family is honouring Mother's decision, though it is breaking their hearts.
This family has embraced the elephant.
The elephants in our lives can crush us or become our companion through life. We can ride Ellie or allow her to stoop us like an ant.
The choice is ours.
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