Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Oh My Aching Teeth Part 2

So here I am, Saturday morning, preparing to part with my wisdom teeth. To make things a little easier, Doctor James offered me a pair of cool shades.

But she wouldn't let me take them home.
Thankfully, I had Harriet the Hippo for support.
Ahhhh....parting is such sweet sorrow....
And it begins. First the numbing, then the anaesthesia for the removal of the two teeth.
We are so blessed to have found Doctor James. As I said in the previous post, Doctor James and her staff work overtime to make each patient feel not only important, but comfortable. Taking her time, Doctor James made sure not to cause undone pain. She made sure my mouth was numb enough to be worked on, not in the least bit in a hurry.
And she made sure I didn't squeeze the stuffing out of Harriet; otherwise she told me she would have to report me to Peta.
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