Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Nice Start


Today was a good start to living with PTSD.
This past Sunday was Mark's birthday and as tradition, Mark's parents treated Mark and I to a Starbucks. Since there are sitting areas outside, we could take Montaque with us.
I was so proud of our little guy.
Because he is 13 years old, the thought is Monti is too old to train.
Not so. We have been working on barking, jumping and whining when left alone.
And today I am happy to report Monti did not jump on Mom or Dad. He only barked once when he saw Mark walk away for a moment and all together, he was a pleasure for everyone to be around. I do believe bringing his own doggie biscuits and a cup of cold water also helped. Having been raised with dogs, Mark's parents truly enjoyed meeting their "gran-dog."
As a drink, I chose instead of an ice coffee, a passion-fruit ice tea. The colour of an Moroccan sunrise and just as sweet and refreshing, I thought a lighter drink is more fitting to the uplifting of my mood.
And it did.
Later, after dropping Monti off, Mark and I went to see our friend David. He had been in Rehab, but his blood sugar dropped and back in the hospital he went. We went to see him and Dave's face brighten up when he saw us.
He just wished we could have brought Monti with us; Dave loves Monti's visits and Monti loves his uncle Dave.
Mark asked how I was feeling and I told him relieved. Relieved to know that there is really something wrong, that my crying jags and not wanting to do anything a real cause behind it. Now that the Dark Shadow has a name and there is treatment, I can move forward.
He stole a quick kiss and reminded me that we are in this together.
Yes, we are.
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